Nine Pitt undergrads attended archaeology field schools in summer 2023

Thanks to grants from the CCA and the Department of Anthropology, students carried out fieldwork in Greece, Belize, Poland, and Ireland.

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2023-24 “Gateways” Undergrad Research in Archaeology

Over the 2023-24 academic year, the CCA “Gateways” program sponsored five undergrads to digitize residental architecture at pre-Columbian Andean hillfort setlements, and digitize drawings of ancient African stone tools.

CCA at the SAA
Recent Event
The CCA Attends the 89th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in New Orleans

Another successful year attending and showcasing the Center's publications and databases, as well as publications from partner Latin American presses!

Recent Event
Pitt Anthropology Student Research Fair

The research fair, which took place on April 12th, was a successful event featuring recent undergrad and grad research!

Sponsored by Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society with assistance from the Center for Comparative Archaeology

Get to know three of the Department of Anthropology's newest faculty members

The Center for Comparative Archaeology welcomes Dela Kuma, Jen Muller, and Steven Goldstein to Pitt!

Fall 2023 Welcome Reception

The CCA celebrated the start of a new academic year with a welcome gathering for faculty, staff, and friends of the Center.

2022-23 “Gateways” Undergrad Research in Archaeology

Over the 2022-23 academic year, the CCA “Gateways” program sponsored a team of undergrads to analyze obsidian from Dr. Claire Ebert's excavations in Belize, with supervision from graduate student Nick Suarez.

1stAnnual Pitt Achaeology Research Fair

Students and Faculty present their research in the 1st Annual Pitt Archaeology Research Fair, hosted by the Center for Comparative Archaeology.

New undergraduate opportunities at the CCA!

The CCA offers a range of opportunities to get hands on experience in comparative archaeological research as an intern or paid student worker.

"You Rock Science" event at the Carnegie Science Center

Dr. Claire Ebert and Ph.D. students from Pitt's Department of Anthropolgy showcase archaeological research at the Carnegie Science Center.

Welcome to new bioarchaeology faculty Jennifer Muller

Dr. Jen Muller has joined the Anthropology faculty as the new Director of Undergraduate Studies. A bioarchaeologist who works with remains from historic poorhouse and African diaspora populations, she engages closely with contemporary descendant communities.

The CCA welcomes incoming archaeology faculty Steve Goldstein and Dela Kuma

Two new archaeologists of Africa, Steve Goldstein and Dela Kuma, will join the permanent Anthropology faculty in January 2023. We eagerly look forward to supporting their initiatives in research and education with the resources and programs of the CCA. It is an exciting time for archaeology at Pitt!

Dr. Elizabeth Arkush becomes the new Center Director

In May 2022, Elizabeth Arkush replaced long-term Director Dr. Robert Drennan to lead the Center for Comparative Archaeology.

Celebrating a Record of Leadership

The CCA honors the momentous legacy of Dr. Robert Drennan, who retired at the end of the 2022 spring term after 13 years leading the CCA and before that the Latin American Archaeology Program.

Events from the CCA and other Organizations

Recent Event
Beyond Borders: Archaeological Research on People, Ecology and Great Wall Construction in Mongolia

Join us in welcoming Dr. Gideon Shelach-Lavi, Professor of the Department of East Asian Studies at The Hebrew University, on Thursday, April 11, for the presentation of "Beyond Borders: People, Ecology and Great Wall Construction in Mongolia."

Organized by the Department of Anthropology

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Past Event
New Research in Paleoanthropology in China: Human Fossil Discoveries in the 21st century

Join Dr. Liu Wu on Friday, October 20th, for a lecture discussing recent advances in Chinese paleoanthropology, with focus on the complicated evolutionary relationships and immense taxic diversity represented by East Asian Pleistocene humans.

Organized by the Department of Anthropology and the Asian Studies Center

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Just Out from the Center

Barranca Dataset
Barranca Settlement Dataset

Artifact inventories and location of excavation units and test pits from research carried out in the area around the site of Barranca, Costa Rica.

by Mauricio Murillo Herrera and Felipe Sol Castillo

Mayapan Dataset
Mayapan Community Dataset

Artifact inventories and photos, field reports, descriptions of excavation profiles, burials, and the nature of surface collections, as well as the location of milpas, structures and excavations from research associated with the Economic Foundations of Mayapán Project (PEMY), field seasons 2001-2009, and the Mayapan Extra-Muralla Survey Project (MEMS).

by Marilyn A. Masson, Carlos Peraza Lope, Timothy S. Hare, and Bradley W. Russell

Trapiche Itapalluni Dataset
Trapiche Itapalluni Colonial Mining Dataset

Artifact inventories and results of heavy fraction analyses from research carried out at the colonial period silver refinery, Trapiche Itapalluni, in the Puno Bay of Peru.

by Sarah A. Kennedy

Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, No. 29
Memoir 29
Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, No. 28
Memoir 28
Settlement, Economy, and Society at Mayapán, Yucatán, Mexico

edited by Marilyn A. Masson, Timothy S. Hare, Carlos Peraza Lope, and Bradley W. Russell

Yuxi Valley Settlement Dataset

Regional settlement study of the Yuxi River Valley of Anhui, China

by Wenjing Wang and Weihong Wu